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64 votes Vote

Login in multiple instagram accounts in Stogram

I bought 4k Stogram and I'm really enjoying it. Just thinking, it should be able to login in multiple instagram accounts. For people who have multiple accounts, this was very welcome!
Goncalo, 12.06.2018, 23:24
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62 votes Vote

Add option for downloading only new items from playlists

I download an ongoing series through a playlist. Since it's ongoing, new items are added to the playlist. Right now it's kind of a pain to download new items from the playlist. I either have to paste in each new video URL manually from the...
Torleif, 07.01.2014, 17:40
55 votes Vote

It is not possible to download any video from YouTube

The program writes "I can not parse the link"
Vladimir, 11.10.2019, 08:40
51 votes Vote

Tudou, Youku

Amanda, 22.06.2015, 19:29
49 votes Vote

4K Stogram 2.6.12 is working great. Thank you!

Not sure how you did it, but I just watched an account download over 200 pictures in about 5 minutes, which exceeds the Instagram API - Great job, and thanks for working at it until you found the solution. I thought for sure there would nothing...
Michael Golvach, 20.04.2018, 04:17
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47 votes Vote


Subtitles: Feature for download only .Srt subtitles (one or multiple languages in one pass) without video, from youtube and others
7623, 21.09.2015, 09:35
39 votes Vote

Auto shutdown option after downloading finishes

After completing
Abhilash, 18.01.2014, 17:23
38 votes Vote

use thumbnail photo as music cover for 4k youtube downloader

I use the 4k downloader youtube version all the time, i pay for it as well. I would like to know if there was a way that you guys could make it download the thumbnail and set it as the song's photo cover. that would be amazing C:
John, 23.04.2015, 05:52
38 votes Vote

NEED a history tab to research resently downloaded videos...

It would be nice to be able to search what vids have been downloaded. Many time I'll see a vid has been downloaded but can't find what it was. NEED a history tab to research resently downloaded videos...
Anderson, 17.07.2018, 21:28
37 votes Vote

How to Download Subtitles from Vimeo?

Can you please make it possible to download SRT subtitles from Vimeo. Thank you
None, 15.02.2014, 01:40
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35 votes Vote

Need a button to reset all downloads that have an error state so it can try to download them again

When I am downloading a long playlist, about 200 videos from youtube, some of the download fine and some stays in an error state so I have to add them again one by one, because I dont need to download the whole playlist again. So a button to...
Cabe, 19.11.2013, 05:20
34 votes Vote

Be able to turn off instagram stories for some users.

I really dont need instagram stories for all the people i follow, any way of turning it off some some users?, or turning it off completely
janoy, 13.07.2017, 16:17
27 votes Vote

Any chance for a Snapchat downloader?

Tony, 16.07.2017, 14:25
25 votes Vote


Please add wav (or other uncompressed) save format.
Jeff, 15.06.2013, 02:33
24 votes Vote

Create a software capable of downloading all the images of Facebook, Twitter and VK, hopefully could create a software capable of downloading images from a Facebook page, Twitter or VK.

It would be nice if you could create a software that allows you to download images from these pages.
Camila, 06.09.2017, 01:26
1 comment
22 votes Vote

automatic readout of upload date.

I would love to see the 4K Downloader beeing able to readout the upload date from youtube videos and put it in the name of the downloaded video. It should be possible for the user to set the code of the date like y.m.d., d.m.y., m.d.y. etc. and to...
0z89u, 20.02.2016, 07:04
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21 votes Vote


Cant download youtube videos? Are you getting error on youtube videos downloads? (solution) Then you need to change your IP address and it will download... use a VPN cause youtube system will detect your abnormal leeching and they will block...
Mill, 19.10.2019, 08:19
19 votes Vote

Please add NicoVideo to supported sites.

MetroAndroid, 14.01.2014, 02:14
18 votes Vote

https://www.bilibili.com/ this website plz

https://www.bilibili.com/ this web is so hot in C just as Youtube, hope you can download their movie,thx
ryu, 10.09.2017, 14:40
17 votes Vote

Please add sorting options in 4K Instagram

I am a paid user of 4K Stogram and I use it to save several (hundreds) users, but usually the newly added are on top. However, there are users I follow that are more relevant to me, so I would like to keep them on top. Currently, I cant' do that...
Pascual, 28.06.2015, 16:27
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17 votes Vote


Please add site http://rutube.ru// Very popular in Russia anf other.
dmitry38, 04.10.2015, 13:04
16 votes Vote

4K Stogram should download 'tagged photos'

This seems interesting when we consider that many users of 4K Stogram are people who follow their idols or friends' lives through Instagram. This new feature would make it possible to know what the person has done/been and not put into his/her...
Eduardo F, 13.01.2017, 06:01
15 votes Vote

Reverse order playlist download. Last video first, first video last in numbering. Priority given to the previously last, now first video.

Reverse order playlist download. Last video first, first video last in numbering. Priority given to the previously last, now first video for download order.
Charles, 01.05.2014, 13:45
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14 votes Vote

4K Stogram: original filename to jpg/mp4 files option

Is there any chance add option to 4K Stogram to keep original filename for downloaded photos and videos? Thanks Example from https://www.instagram.com/p/BDGdSqImkRp/ -> file...
valkilmeri, 05.06.2018, 18:10
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14 votes Vote

Downloader for Twitter images and Facebook PAGES and USERS

Is it possible to download an album off a Facebook like page and off user timeline? Also a users Twitter image album?
James, 05.04.2014, 05:34
14 votes Vote

Download Spotify songs will be perfect! Please do it! :)

If we can download Spotify songs (copy link and paste in 4K Video Downloader) it will be perfect!
Clement, 28.07.2015, 16:22
1 comment
14 votes Vote

Queue videos for Download

Just as the title says, having the ability to set up a queue list so that only a set number of downloads running in a list at a time. The preferences can determine how many videos and how many connections per video can run simultaneously. An...
momoe, 06.04.2016, 06:33
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12 votes Vote

Download photos as zip archive

Download photos as zip archive in 4K Stogram
Kevin, 04.10.2012, 09:24
12 votes Vote

Please add the support for Hotstar.com.

Hotstar.com is a site that hosts the entire episodes of Indian Television serials. If the users are able to download the entire serials in just a single click, it would be one of the greatest boons. It is my humble request to you to add the...
Raajan Shah, 17.07.2016, 19:08
12 votes Vote

Youtube videos cannot be downloaded anymore

For about a week already all subscription videos result in error and any link put manually says can't parse.
Jake, 11.11.2019, 17:29

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