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stogram download queue

4K Stogram. I would like to see option to specify numbers of account which are checked/downloading for new photos/stories. Currently when I open program it starts to download all account at the same time. Idea is to limit it to only few....
DustEater, 30.08.2017, 21:25
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A few more sites, namely, Minds, Gab.AI, Steem.it, DTube, PewTube, and BitChute

A few Alt-Tech sites added to the download-capable list wouldn't hurt, right?
N, 07.04.2018, 22:48
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Very often a download "freezes" and couldn't be paused until deleted

Very often a download "freezes", with what i mean: iit shows that download arrow, but the loading bar is freezed, the bandwidth shown next to bar disappears and you can not pause it (i pressed the pause button or used pause all a hundred times,...
JhonnyTheJeccer, 26.11.2018, 16:22
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61 votes Vote

Button-labels wrong in German version

When creating a new subscription, 4K Video Downloader offers the option to chose whether one wants to download the entire channel or merely the future videos of this channel. To have this option is great. There are three buttons to chose from...
Jan, 31.07.2018, 08:33
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58 votes Vote

change username of my subscriptions

People I follow occasionally change their account username so I have to remove the old one and subscribe for the new one and all the medias should be download again. if there would be a way that 4k would change the username automatically that...
Samir, 26.08.2017, 05:19
55 votes Vote

Add option for downloading only new items from playlists

I download an ongoing series through a playlist. Since it's ongoing, new items are added to the playlist. Right now it's kind of a pain to download new items from the playlist. I either have to paste in each new video URL manually from the...
Torleif, 07.01.2014, 16:40
54 votes Vote

4k stogram - Plz Make Delay to Cheat The Insta Server ===>> Refresh : 10accounts per 30 seconds // make some turns to whole refresh

4k stogram - Plz Make Delay to Cheat The Insta Server ===>> Refresh : 10accounts per 30 seconds // make some turns to whole refresh
hyangrak, 05.09.2017, 16:54
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50 votes Vote

Tudou, Youku

Amanda, 22.06.2015, 18:29
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Why does 4K Stogram download low-rez, inferior quality videos??

4K Stogram downloads 480 × 600 and 480 × 268 videos while a chrome extension downloads, respectively, 640 × 800 and 640 × 358 videos off Instagram. Why does it download inferior quality videos only? Has this even been brought to your...
John Lee, 01.09.2017, 07:27
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48 votes Vote

4K Stogram 2.6.12 is working great. Thank you!

Not sure how you did it, but I just watched an account download over 200 pictures in about 5 minutes, which exceeds the Instagram API - Great job, and thanks for working at it until you found the solution. I thought for sure there would nothing...
Michael Golvach, 20.04.2018, 03:17
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43 votes Vote


Subtitles: Feature for download only .Srt subtitles (one or multiple languages in one pass) without video, from youtube and others
7623, 21.09.2015, 08:35
42 votes Vote

Login in multiple instagram accounts in Stogram

I bought 4k Stogram and I'm really enjoying it. Just thinking, it should be able to login in multiple instagram accounts. For people who have multiple accounts, this was very welcome!
Goncalo, 12.06.2018, 22:24
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36 votes Vote

Auto shutdown option after downloading finishes

After completing
Abhilash, 18.01.2014, 16:23
36 votes Vote

use thumbnail photo as music cover for 4k youtube downloader

I use the 4k downloader youtube version all the time, i pay for it as well. I would like to know if there was a way that you guys could make it download the thumbnail and set it as the song's photo cover. that would be amazing C:
John, 23.04.2015, 04:52
36 votes Vote

My 4k Stogram stopping downloading

Hi, My 4k Stogram no longer download photos and stories when clicking Apdate All Subcriptions. Even when I try to add a new subcription, it doesn't add or download. Please help.
Ricky Duong, 09.08.2019, 08:42
35 votes Vote

How to Download Subtitles from Vimeo?

Can you please make it possible to download SRT subtitles from Vimeo. Thank you
None, 15.02.2014, 00:40
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35 votes Vote

NEED a history tab to research resently downloaded videos...

It would be nice to be able to search what vids have been downloaded. Many time I'll see a vid has been downloaded but can't find what it was. NEED a history tab to research resently downloaded videos...
Anderson, 17.07.2018, 20:28
33 votes Vote

Need a button to reset all downloads that have an error state so it can try to download them again

When I am downloading a long playlist, about 200 videos from youtube, some of the download fine and some stays in an error state so I have to add them again one by one, because I dont need to download the whole playlist again. So a button to...
Cabe, 19.11.2013, 04:20
30 votes Vote

Be able to turn off instagram stories for some users.

I really dont need instagram stories for all the people i follow, any way of turning it off some some users?, or turning it off completely
janoy, 13.07.2017, 15:17
30 votes Vote

Instagram accounts are not updating and are still looping with "Updating" on the bottom.

I manually update the feed from accounts I follow on 4K Download but for some reason I have run into a problem in updating manually because now it constantly tries to find new content when there is supposed to be.
Eugene, 09.08.2019, 08:31
29 votes Vote

4k stogram queue

I'm following a lot of users like more than 2000+ and its lagging so much and hard to download even runs at 7/24 can you make queue download like first download 100 users then 100 more.When following low users its amazing program but if you follow...
Can, 25.02.2018, 16:39
28 votes Vote

"4K Stogram" need a key to stop auto update when it starup

When I have over 2000 subscriptions, I always got crash when it start and update the subscriptions. Can I manual update the subscriptions?
Wil, 05.07.2017, 02:45
28 votes Vote

Wr0ng Res0lution (m.k.v./youtube)

MKV-Resolution Bug for YOUTUBE (1080p source downloaded as 360p/480p) in 4K-Video-Downloader, v4.8.2.2902/Win64bit (Paid/Premium) 1) Description: Whenever i add a playlist from Youtube, and Smartmode is configured as "MKV/BestQuality", it...
muller999, 06.08.2019, 14:01
28 votes Vote

4K stogram doesn't download from instagram

Typing in the username of a public instagram user and clicking subscribe does not download the pictures or show the pictures within the program window. It just shows subscribing... with a spinning circle to the right.
Daniel Z, 09.08.2019, 03:23
27 votes Vote


roy555k, 07.07.2014, 15:13
27 votes Vote

make TWO of the SMART MODE buttons...

The program now only has 1 button for smart mode... So if the previous thing you downloaded was MUSIC that you EXTRACTED from a youtube video you will have to change the settings manually to download the video (if you want to keep both video and...
Alexander Haukås, 02.04.2015, 14:30
25 votes Vote

Any chance for a Snapchat downloader?

Tony, 16.07.2017, 13:25
25 votes Vote


jamil khoso, 07.05.2019, 05:52
25 votes Vote

Stopped updating

4K Stogram stopped downloading the Instagram photos I bookmark.
Kitezh, 09.08.2019, 11:41
24 votes Vote


Please add wav (or other uncompressed) save format.
Jeff, 15.06.2013, 01:33

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