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automatic readout of upload date.

I would love to see the 4K Downloader beeing able to readout the upload date from youtube videos and put it in the name of the downloaded video. It should be possible for the user to set the code of the date like y.m.d., d.m.y., m.d.y. etc. and to be able to put it at the start or end of the title. So it could be a node based editor thing where I can drag little symbols in a line around, add some, delete some. Maybe you have a better idea. "What for?" you certainly ask. Well, I like to tag my downloaded videos with the upload-date and when it comes to playlists.. its much to do.

0z89u , 20.02.2016, 07:04
Idea status: under consideration


Andrew, 03.05.2017, 19:23
This. Please add for youtube vlogs. need to watch in date order

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