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Datestamp YouTube Videos

Creating playlists is ok but doesn't work when you're downloading from multiple videos from different channels or individually. I'd like to be able to view my downloads in date order of when they're published on the internet (not when I download them).

A timestamp would be perfect for this - by extracting the publish date and appending it to the filename would help a lot. e.g.:

YYYY-MM-DD - channel name - video name.mp3

an existing browser plugin does this, their documentation can be found at:

grum , 31.07.2014, 13:41
Idea status: under consideration


Andrew, 03.05.2017, 18:22
Double and treble this. The ability to watch vlogs in order is so import and currently not doing this lets this application down. Please add this
Jan, 02.10.2017, 21:29
adding the upload-date of the downloaded video: Videotitle_20130730
download-date of the video: Videotitle_up20130730_d20171002

Ideally this would be customizable:

a) add this information at the start or at the end of the videotitle
b) with customizable separator signs ( "_" and/or "-" and/or "space" and/or a short sequence of letters)
c) with different date-layouts (30-07-2013(us), 07-30-2013(eu), 2013-07-30, 20130731, ...).

That would be marvellous!

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