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4k stogram problem loading

I try and start my program but for some reason it keeps freezing and crashing. It wont start up for some reason.

Neo Black , 16.04.2014, 19:59
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Yan Anthony Coates, 21.03.2015, 15:24
Its something to do with having or not having something from Microsoft...its happened to me before but I cant remember what it was....I'm in same boat as you at the moment
zdar91, 12.04.2015, 16:28
I May Have Found a Fix!

I've been getting the same error at the initial start of the program for weeks. The issue came up after the drive I had the output folder in ended up failing. Over time, the problem appeared to be related to that drive. When I could get the drive working for a short time, the app seemed to work as well. I tried to change the output folder during these brief moments of clarity, but everytime it would ask if I wanted to move all the images to the new location, and gave me no option to just start a new library. The big problem is that the files on the drive are corrupt, and therefore the opperation would always fail and reset the output folder to the one on the bad drive.

What I ended up having to do is alter the actual registry file, as to replace the default save location with one that is on a healthy drive. This cleared the issue right up for me. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, as my situation is fairly unique, but i will put all the steps I took into a list below.

Hope this helps someone!

Steps I Took (Note that I am working on a Windows 7 64-bit machine, so some steps may vary):

1. Search for "regedit.exe" either from the start bar or the run utility.

2. Run "regedit.exe" program.

3. Use the drop-down lists on the left to follow the path below:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Stogram\Settings

4. Once you've clicked on the "settings" item on the left, you should see five options on the right side of the screen.

5. Right-click on the option named "outputFolder" and choose "Modify..." (make sure you DO NOT CHOOSE MODIFY BINARY DATA!!)

6. A small box should pop up and allow you to change the output folder path to your desired location.

7. Click "OK" and exit back to your desktop.

8. Stogram should fire right up now (at least it did for me)

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