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2.8.1 still doesn't update all feeds

4K Stogram 2.6 updated all of my feeds.

That broke in 2.7, which on a good day would be able to update about 28-32 feeds.

The changelog for 2.8 suggested that that had been fixed. It hadn't.

The first run updated 28/114 feeds. The next one 29/114.

Manually updating 10-20 feeds at a time still works.

Still unchanged/unfixed in 2.8.1. Please fix.

Echo , 13.11.2019, 17:24
Idea status: completed


4kdownload, 06.12.2019, 12:16
Hello guys!
Please make sure you are using the latest 2.8.2 version of 4K Stogram. It should be fine.
If it doesn't help, please contact support@4kdownload.com, they will help you asap.

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