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It is not possible to download any video from YouTube

The program writes "I can not parse the link"

Vladimir , 11.10.2019, 08:40
Idea status: completed


Chris, 11.10.2019, 21:30
Yes its very broken on all Youtube now.
Михаил, 14.10.2019, 15:59
I also get an error when trying to download any video from YouTube. version 4K Video Downloader
Robbert, 16.10.2019, 21:22
What about old version?
And what about not downloading in 4K?
Jim, 18.10.2019, 03:27
Not working for me either. Seems to be pretty universal, no videos will parse correctly. Usually it means something changed on YouTube (they don't like downloaders and think they're a violation of TOS.) Normally these guys have a fix within a day or two, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. Sites like https://odownloader.com still worked, but now they seem to be under DoS attack of some kind. Or maybe just too much traffic.
```, 24.10.2019, 22:19
same, but for me it just says "error" nothing more
4kdownload, 25.10.2019, 08:45
Hello guys!
Please contact support@4kdownload.com, they will help you asap.
Nick, 10.11.2019, 20:27
Same issue. Completely dead. I can only get Yt2mate working for single videos. however I can get nothing working for entire channels. I have a whole fleet of software I use specifically for downloading and I can get none of them working. tried Keepvid.pro as well and a couple other bits of software all to no avail

Hope for a very quick patch as due to the change in TOS happening on the 10th of next month, it will only get worse
4kdownload, 14.11.2019, 13:01
Hello guys!
Please contact support@4kdownload.com, they will help you asap.
william, 28.11.2019, 13:20
I got a free trial app. My download has been going successfully . But today I can't download anything. My app shows "not activated". Please tell me if I can't use this free trial app to download anymore. Many thanks!
4kdownload, 06.12.2019, 12:09
Hello guys!
Please make sure you are using the latest 4.10.1 version of 4K Video Downloader. It should be fine.
If it doesn't help, please contact support@4kdownload.com, they will help you asap.

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