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Add Trim and cut video Feauture

The Trim and cut video Feauture I mean is we can cut out the boring bits and get straight to the best part.

Areen , 27.08.2019, 10:35
Idea status: under consideration


Nina, 27.08.2019, 10:53
Please add it !!! =)
Rohit, 27.08.2019, 10:54
Guys, add this function please!!!!This would be a very helpful
Valanto, 27.08.2019, 10:56
Great idea! Please add it.
Gustav, 27.08.2019, 10:57
Yes, please add this. This is very important!
Andre, 27.08.2019, 10:58
This would be a very helpful And Thanks..!!!
Gloria, 27.08.2019, 12:09
Not Bad...!!!
Rika, 27.08.2019, 12:10
that's a nice suggestion
Suraeh, 27.08.2019, 12:13
I Just wanna Say That But Thanks Btw You Said Firtsly
Qube, 27.08.2019, 12:14
I Think So...
Gizla, 27.08.2019, 12:17
I Need It So Much Especially For youtube
Gurenge, 17.09.2019, 10:59
Yo.. I Must Be on Priority !!!
Gurenge, 17.09.2019, 11:00
Yo.It Must Be On Priority, Must , Must , And Must.

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