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macOS 10.14.6 dark mode UI broken

Since the update to the UI of 4k Stogram is broken when started while desktop is in dark mode.
Names of feeds only appear on mouse over.
Count of entries in feed only appear in mouse over.
"Update Photos" and back arrow don't appear in detail view of feed.

When dark mode is changed to light mode while 4k Stogram is running: Problem persists.

If 4k Stogram is started while desktop is in light mode everything works fine, even if desktop is swited to dark mode afterwards.

Alex , 16.08.2019, 22:32
Idea status: in process


Edwin, 27.08.2019, 04:14
Yes, i also have the same problem, i cannot see the name of the account because all in white, only can shown if i hover it.
and also search bar, it doesnt show anything even i type on it, it shown the result, but the text all in white
4kdownload, 14.11.2019, 13:13
Hi there!
We are working on finding a solution to this issue.

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