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4K Stogram 2.7.1 doesn't autoupdate feeds, just like 2.7.0. 2.6 worked.

Manual update of feeds work. Occasionally a few feeds will update if the program is left running.

Hitting some kind of max resource limit?

Echo , 12.02.2019, 17:57
Idea status: completed


C, 20.02.2019, 06:27
It seems to be an issue for all settings.

Just like multiple people have mentioned that loading 4K Stogram logs them out, it seems that all the default settings are used (including the intervals).

I find that I have to toggle all settings away from what they are each time I start up, and then select them again and then it seems to work properly on 2.7.1.X
4kdownload, 11.04.2019, 14:11
Hello guys!
Please make sure you are using the latest 2.7.2 version of 4K Stogram. It should be fine.
If it doesn't help, please contact support@4kdownload.com, they will help you asap.

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