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Better control the subscription feature:

1)Download only videos which have not yet been downloaded
2)Download only videos from a date later than xx.yy.zzzz
3)Create a list of downloadable files from a channel. Let me edit the list and download only chosen items

fimo , 10.11.2018, 12:33
Idea status: under consideration


artofwot, 10.05.2019, 18:53
Just echoing support for an option to limit downloading videos based on a date range!
boomslang, 11.05.2019, 16:51
The subscription feature really needs (at least some of) these enhancements to be useful.

Many times, my subscriptions simply fail to download new files. And there is no way to audit what has been downloaded against what is available for download, or to simply have the subscription check again.
David Sutherland, 26.05.2019, 07:38
Yes, please improve the ability to take old subscriptions and merge them with new scans.

The process should allow for more user intervention and manual control if wanted.

Dividing the process into, "scanning for new content" & "comparing with existing content" should then allow for "allow user to compare and sort by columns" such as online date posted, resolution, subtitles, etc. vs. local file creation date, file saved date, resolutions, subtitles, etc.

And then the user should be able to easily select checkboxes of which videos to download, allowing shift-clicks to select large groups.

And updating only subtitles as external srt or embedded subtitles would also be a very nice add-on. Having to re-download hundreds of videos to add some subtitles is such a waste of time.
Starlight Sparkle, 15.07.2019, 09:46
Would prefer to be able to filter by things like video length or title strings
Terry, 20.07.2019, 16:38
After reinstall the system, all subscriptions lost, have to *re-configure* and *re-download* again to all videos!!!!
Sam, 06.08.2019, 16:38
Also, sometimes the default video format is unavailable and the download fails. I would like the download to still happen with a different resolution that is available.
gcarlyle22, 22.09.2019, 19:09
Yes make the subscriptions more user friendly. If I want to subscribe to a channel I want to be able to choose weather or not to download the whole vid list. some channels have 6000 videos. I don't want to have to download 6000 videos just to get new content.
`, 23.10.2019, 02:36
I just want the feature to work.
John Fay1879, 19.11.2019, 22:43
THE WHOLE IDEA OF SUBSCRIPTIONS oops sorry for then-caps...I think your going to have a hard time selling subscriptions 1st how long have been online? uh never mind it doesn't mater.. the thing is you don't own the material that folks download kmm not sure how that works on the legal end not to mention that it always seems to me thers always some kid who will do what you are doing for free andin his spare time you piss people off if you just keep making it hard to find the files they downlo aded and then you become the bext target sorry for my poor typinh dtill wait for somenew glasrs anyw\how just the way ive deen it gi iut here un the wild west bedt of luck
Brian Willis, 10.12.2019, 18:49
Please add the ability to change options for ALL subscriptions at once.
cwr, 17.12.2019, 19:55
It would be helpful if there were a way to manually update subscriptions, to check for missed files.

Currently, if a download from a subscribed channel fails for any reason, there is no way to force the application to go back later and retry. Sometimes it never gets that file on its own.

Or, if subtitles become available on a video already downloaded, again there is no way to have the subscription go back, re-check, and get the missing data.

This makes subscriptions not particularly useful; one might as well just manually download the entire channel from scratch once a month or so and simply trash older batches.
Jim, 05.03.2020, 20:16
Would love a simple option to "only download" or "only keep" last XXX posts. Would let people catch up and not fill up their hard drives (4k Stogram and 4k Video Downloader too, please!) Otherwise great work. I use these every day!
patricio jimenes, 30.03.2020, 22:09
I would like to report a problem... While tearing my hair out.
I can download nothing after update!! Subscriptions is BRO KEN majority of the time even without update pop ups derailing everything!! Have sent previous E Mail. I do not have the 144 minu test it takes to manually add missed updates do to flaws. I feel like Complete Fool for going Full Version. Seemed like such a nice idea. Advice Much Appreciated. Fix Better Yet. Only good for adjusting quality and full channel dl B4 Update Dis astor, rock on other wise.
Ed App, 24.05.2020, 01:51
YES!! Please add option to download only new videos released when making subscription! I would subscribe to a lot of channels, but would only want to see new videos as they are released. Great app though!! Great Job!!
NoctisAmbulo, 05.06.2020, 22:35
I agree with all these suggestions
fdsimon, 25.06.2020, 11:07
I need this feature too, not only to prevent downloading old videos but also old post from my friends. Hope this can be realized soon. Thank you.
iherioher, 27.06.2020, 18:01
I would like a way too trigger subscriptions manually. It happens to me more and more that I start 4k after a few days, subscriptions star and find a few files, all of them have an error and when I close and reopen, the downloads are gone. This leads to another problem. When a download has an error, there should be retry option and it also should be kept between program restarts.
4kdownload, 15.07.2020, 13:32
Hello guys!
Thanks for your feedback!
We will do our best to implement your ideas in future!

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