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can't login into 4kstogram

My accounts (private) stopped updating because I was somehow logged out and when I clicked under preferences to log in, I couldn't click on log in (the icon was there but it was grey instead of black). There was a spinning icon as though it was trying to log in but nothing would ever happen, even after hours....

Nicolai , 08.02.2018, 08:24
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Nicolai, 08.02.2018, 08:34
ok, after several attempts of closing and reopening the program I was finally given the option to Relogin. So the problem has seemed to solve itself, I don't know how...
Nicolai, 08.02.2018, 20:25
problem has resurfaced... was logged out of 4k Stogram and can't login again. what is going on ? this has not at all been a problem in the past!!
Patrik, 09.02.2018, 16:24
I have the same problem.

Noticed I was logged out but the logg in field is grayed out and a spinning circle next to it.
I tried to update manually to latest version 2.6.6 from your site but the problem remains.

The logfile are filled with 400 (Bad request) errors.

Please fix!

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