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add for 4K Stogram "delete foto(1+) function"

You created best instagram downloader, but it havent delete function for any fotos.Maybe you will create this? =)

Thank you so much,you are best!!! =)

Anna , 26.01.2018, 00:22
Idea status: under consideration


Fill, 26.01.2018, 01:06
I am a paid user of 4K Stogram and I think it will be nice.I cant deleted any instagram-stories foto.
Graci, 26.01.2018, 01:18
When you delete foto shows is either white screen ,and when you have 10000+....its sad -> see screenshot -> https://imgur.com/1ez3tvj

Fix it please!!!
Marko, 14.02.2018, 11:02
Yes guys,add it please!!!It will be wonderful =)
guy without name, 20.06.2018, 14:04
yes remove photos, and duplicate photos

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