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Subscribe to Youtube playlist (not channel)

4K Video Downloader for Youtube can currently subscribe to channels, but it can't subscribe to playlists within a channel. This makes it hard to download new videos for a playlist as I have to keep checking the playlist for new videos.

It would be great if we could subscribe to a playlist and have 4K Video Downloader automatically download new videos as they are posted to the playlist. It would be nice if there was an option to download the videos to folder with the playlist title (just as if you manually downloaded the entire playlist by pasting in a video link).


Dino , 12.10.2016, 23:32
Idea status: under consideration


Wormsworth, 16.02.2017, 02:45
This is good reason for including the Upload/Published date. The playlist numbers might not work depending the sequence added to the playlist.

Upload/Published date !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reformation of Filename fields (by user)
and while your at it....
Up loader name in filename (not channel name) (helpful for identifying favorites)

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